We have tried to answer a few of your questions below but if not, please do get in contact via email or Twitter. 

How can you sell products cheaper than other sites and shops?

We source our items worldwide, this allows us to drastically reduce our costs, allowing us to lower our prices just for you. 

Can we support you in return for freebies?

Yes you can and we love your support. Please do get in contact with us via twitter - search @AskAnnOnline and send us your requests to review. 

Why does it take a little longer for delivery?

As we work really hard to keep our prices low, we source directly from our suppliers and don't hold stock internally. This makes it easier and cheaper to delivery to you worldwide, from various different locations. 

How can we contact you?

You can get in contact in many different ways. We love to chat with our customers so please do follow us on Twitter, www.twitter.com/AskAnnOnline or email us at support@askann.co.uk and we will always aim to get back to you as soon as we can. 

Can I see my orders?

Yes, if you created an account when you purchased from us, you can log back in by visiting My Account or if you would like to register for your free account. 

Why does your prices keep changing?

As we work with many suppliers to bring you great value for your money, sometimes we lower or increase our prices based on product availability. In most cases, we always aim to lower prices or offer discounts where possible. 

Complaints and Refunds

We are here for you, if you would like to chat to us about any order or products, we love to listen, so do get in contact with us via email or Twitter. 

We pride ourselves on great customer service, if you feel that we have let you down, please do get in touch so we can sort it out right away for you.